Feed Me

Feed Me is our very own vegan and free-from star baker. Owner, Verity, is super passionate about food, health, and creating tasty treats that look inviting, taste even better, and have a good impact on your body.

Plant-powered nutrition never tasted so good.


How it all began.

By her own admission, Verity is not the affectionate, hugging type. Quite right too, especially given how 2020 panned out.

But from a young age, she found food and drink a great way of meeting people, socialising and really getting to know someone. She believes it helps people to feel relaxed and comfortable; a common ground and interest. For Verity, it is a genuine way of showing she cares.

For as long as she can remember Verity has baked for school friends, family members & colleagues, an ever-growing collection of her brownies, cakes, and cupcakes. Verity loves the creative release that baking provides, making something that's truly hers; made by her for someone else to enjoy. Essentially, she's a feeder!

As she grew up she started to go off "normal" sweet treats. They gave her headaches, made her thirsty, and generally left her feeling bloated and rotten. So she began exploring her own healthy, low sugar, high protein treats. These were okay for a while but pretty lacklustre - they didn't give her the energy boost and satisfaction she craved.

The more she practised, the more she found using whole, unrefined foods as ingredients the way forward.

Through natural energy sources, they provided both sweetness and energy longevity. With the additional fibre and protein, they kept her satisfied, and acted as a satiating snack compared to generic 'treats'.

Verity soon discovered that it's not just about how many calories, grams of sugar, fat or carbs you have, but the origin of those that's important - her very own lightbulb moment! As time went on and more people loved her food, she realised a gap in the market. Not just locally, but across the UK.

Baking this way is fairly time-consuming, labour-intensive, and the ingredients are expensive, so it takes a genuine love and dedication to venture into business in this field. However, that's exactly what Verity has done, and she's relishing in people enjoying every bite of Feed Me!



Why the Eco Village?

As soon as Verity saw the Eco Village open back in February 2020, she knew she needed to take a look! It was something new, different and exciting for the area that totally caught her attention.

After a very positive meeting with The Beths, both parties decided to keep in touch. At the time, the Eco Village already had a cake business onboard, and being a relatively new business, Verity wanted to work further at sustainable packaging & processes too.

However, a few months and a lockdown later, Verity received a message to say a temporary position had become available. She jumped at the chance, loved every minute and is now a permanent fixture! Something we're very pleased about here at Eco Village HQ.


Sustainability factors for Feed Me.

Verity encourages all customers to bring their own food containers wherever possible to reduce food packaging waste. Feed Me now stock reusable eco tins, either empty or filled with delicious treats.

When selling Feed Me cake jars; Verity also encourages customers to reuse wherever possible, offering a discount for returning empty jars to help lower unnecessary waste.

If any disposable packaging has to be used, she ensures it is recyclable or biodegradable. Verity has sourced these from a fantastic UK-based company called Ambican, which specialises in sustainable packaging.

When buying treats from Feed Me, they are not only of a high nutritional and ingredient quality, but don't contain any nasty preservatives, additives, or chemicals either. They have been made on a small, low-emission scale, with low food miles too, all contributing to a reduced carbon impact.


Continuous improvements for Feed Me.

Wherever possible, Verity has switched plastic cake pots to glass jars instead. Maintaining our ethos, Verity only stocks the jars at the Eco Village, however, this is proving a challenge to roll out further in the business. Space and weight issues for postal orders mean this is an ongoing consideration.

Verity continues to encourage customers to reuse these pots, as they are dishwasher safe and a handy size. They are also 100% recyclable too.

She has worked with Beth to introduce the eco tins and is excited to see them now in use. Not only are they beautiful, but they work perfectly when brought back for a refill - something that makes her heart glow!

Being so enthusiastic, we know Verity is keen to make changes & improvements when and wherever possible, as we all grow and learn more together along the way.

We love this collaborative energy that our little business community provides.




Future goals for Feed Me.

As with all snacks; Verity is acutely aware that Feed Me treats still contain calories, sugar and fats. However, she believes it important when treating ourselves, that we're mindful of the contents and just where these macronutrients have come from.

Knowing what other benefits they provide, how well they'll be digested and used for energy by our bodies, are all important considerations. She has also discovered that with the use of real, wholefood ingredients comes genuine, bold, and delicious flavour.

And what's not to love about that!


Things you probably didn't know about Verity...

  1. Verity LOVES FOOD. Like, totally.
  2. We're not sure if you're ready for this - but Verity isn't actually a vegan! She doesn't work well cutting out food groups but loves the high-quality nutritional value that vegan treats offer. She lives a wholefood, plant-based lifestyle but is also partial to the occasional fish & chips, or bakery treat, too.
  3. Verity lived in the Australian outback for two years in Winton, Queensland. It was 8 hours from the coast and a 2.5-hour drive from the nearest town. Despite that distance from civilisation, Verity says she had the best years of her life there and met the best people.
  4. When living in said outback, Verity once drove a 5 hour round trip just to get a Chinese takeaway. Told you she loves food.
  5. Verity also loves to throw a party. Having people around, filling them with good food and drink, and seeing everyone have a good time makes her super happy. It's her thing.


Discover more about Feed Me...

Based in the Main Room here at the Village, Feed Me has recently moved slightly, and can now be located right next door to the Bearded Persian and Rose & Relish, handy if you do love nutritious food.

Her range is available Tuesday to Saturday, with loose slices to build-your-own assortments of cakes, cupcakes, loaves, tarts, pies and cheesecakes. Once you've tried a Salted Date Caramel Pecan Pie, there is no going back. Truly.

You can follow Feed Me on Instagram, or check out more information online.