Incredible Bakery Company

The Incredible Bakery Company are a local bakery, based just up the road in Kettering, which specialise in crafting vegan and gluten-free bread and flours.

Perfect if you follow a plant-based or free-from diet, or suffer from food intolerances. They believe in great taste, exceptional ingredients, and food that doesn't have to be free-from flavour; instead creating bread that is, well, incredible!


How, where and why the Incredible Bakery began.

Husband and wife duo James and Valeria started their business in 2013 after discovering their baby son, Leon, had food allergies to multiple ingredients used in mainstream bakery products.

Not wanting him to miss out, but rather to enhance his food offer, they made it their mission to start creating an allergen-free loaf in a craft style. They started experimenting with different flavour combinations and bakery styles, until they were happy that they could offer him the best diet possible, with no compromise on taste.

Creating food for Leon certainly kept them on their toes, as anyone with a toddler will know! So their bakes may have been dairy-free, egg-free, soya and peanut-free; but they had to be tasty enough to pass the refusal test of a little one! No easy feat, that.

After perfecting their craft, they soon realised the dramatic effect the switch made on Leon's health, digestion, and skin. They knew they were onto something amazing that could help others too.

Within a couple of years, the family relocated from London to Warkton, Northamptonshire, and found a small, factory unit to begin their bakery business from. Fuelled by a passion to create beautiful bread for anyone suffering from food tolerances to enjoy a healthy and delicious alternative, they swiftly merged from a helpful, family hobby, to a thriving small business instead! Isn't that amazing?


How has Incredible Bakery Company grown since then?

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the business now produces over fifty products! Incredible Bakery create a whole range of bread, bread rolls, cakes, and dry ingredients that are all completely vegan and gluten-free, with no allergens.

In 2016 they were delighted to receive the SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) accreditation, a recognised food-safety standard, awarded for meeting both production requirements and consumer expectations.

And they have also gone on to win a whole host of awards too! The Incredible Bakery Company have won three national awards, including Britain's Best Loaf (Gluten-free), two years in a row! The trophy cabinet must be bursting at the hinges in the bakery reception!

As with all businesses, the pandemic has radically changed the pattern of the business. The pair undertook the difficult decision to permanently close their company shop in Warkton after the online demand surged during lockdown. Their company website now contributes over 80% of overall sales, including their ever-popular special occasion hampers.


Why be part of the Eco Village?

The Incredible Bakery Company were one of the brave businesses to join us during lockdown! But they do say fortune favours the brave. (Don't they?!).

For James and Valeria, it was a considered move after deciding to close their own company shop. They still felt passionate about selling via a local, bricks and mortar business; and the Eco Village felt like a good match. With a clear focus on vegan and free-from produce, the two felt like it would be a great home for their speciality bread.

And we're very glad that they did!


What are the sustainability factors for Incredible Bakery?

Naturally, being a vegan food product, their business lends itself to a sustainable outlook. With a plant-based ethic, all ingredients are sustainably sourced and contribute to a greener future.

James and Valeria have worked hard on their packaging, to ensure it continues with a sustainable ethos. So all packaging is now made from biodegradable materials to ensure it follows a low-waste principle.


Any improvements Incredible Bakery Company have made, or would like to make in the future?

After working hard to improve all their packaging to a greener alternative, the two would love to improve their energy supply.

Incredible Bakery are busy researching switching to renewable energy sources, and would love to fuel their whole production to renewables in the future! This would really complete a sustainability circle, right?


Future goals for Incredible Bakery Company.

After growing the business so successfully during the last eight years, particularly after the online lockdown surge, they have drastically out-grown their current Warkton home!

James and Valeria will soon be looking to relocate their factory set up, to somewhere larger that will be a better fit for purpose. Striking the balance between keeping the team in place and minimising any disruption to production.

We can't wait to see them thrive further still, with a little more room to do so!


Things you didn't know about James and Valeria....

  1. They are multiple award winners! With at least eight under their belt, and counting....
  2. Not the type to sit back, since August 2020 the Turner family have attempted to walk every circular footpath route of 5 kilometres or less in the Northamptonshire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire areas, using the OS Maps app. Bagsie them for our team in a treasure hunt!


Find out more about Incredible Bakery Company.

Discover the very beautiful vegan bread, and range of free-from flour at our Main Room here in the Village. They're located on the shelving just on the way through to Refill, right next to the local honey if that's your thing!

Discover more about James, Valeria and their team of trusted bakers on their website, or by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all the latest product information, news, and awards information!