Nothing New by Ruthie Ru

Nothing New by Ruthie Ru is home to a creative little corner within the Eco Village.

Re-purposing old vinyl to new jewellery, creator Ruthie mixes a vision for limiting landfill waste with her eye for design.




How it all began for Nothing New.

Having always been creatively minded, with a background in theatre and prop-making, it was somewhat inevitable when looking to start a business from home that it would be of the crafty variety!

With a shared love of music, when getting married Ruthie and her husband used vinyl records as placemats at their wedding ceremony. With a stack of them left lying around afterwards, Ruthie couldn't bear the idea of throwing them away.

A spark of her creative imagination led to her chopping them up on the kitchen table. (We're not sure if her new husband was *so* keen on this idea at first).

Four years & two children later, and ta-da - we have Nothing New - a brand trying to save previously prized possessions from ending up in landfill, by turning them into jewellery and decorations instead.



Why the Eco Village?

With Beth Awdry already a fan of Ruthie's work, The Beths approached her when they were first formulating their plan for the Eco Village. 

As a huge advocate of all they were doing at Refill Revolution, Ruthie confesses to being flattered to have even been on their radar, so she leapt at the chance to be involved.




Sustainability factors - how can Nothing New help customers make more sustainable choices?

Anyone buying from Ruthie can be assured that wherever possible, it will involve using upcycled materials. In fact, she believes that's the charm of it all!

The vinyls used are scratched, unplayable, and certainly not very relaxing to listen to on a Sunday afternoon. All the packaging Ruthie creates from old record sleeves, cereal packets, and whatever else she can salvage, she tries not to waste anything. Her recent charm earring sets are creatively presented in an old cassette tape box. Actual genius!

The jewellery findings and chains are from ethical suppliers, and she uses ethically-created UK jute for her bunting, preferring an environmentally beneficial crop over alternative twines.

Nothing New aims to give customers an alternative to high street jewellery, at a similar price point, but morally sound and with a green heart. Everything we adore here at the Village.



Continuous improvements for Nothing New by Ruthie Ru.

Ruthie is always striving to create new products, appealing to a broad demographic whilst staying true to her brand ethos.

Inspired by the 1980s, Ruthie is excited by a nod to the past visioned as a new concept. She has recently introduced creations made from CDs and cassette tapes to her range at the Eco Village. There is always something new appearing on her display here, and obviously, no two pieces are ever the same!




Future goals for Nothing New.

The ultimate goal? Well, having her pieces on the front cover of Vogue (got to have a dream, right?!). But aside from that, Ruthie simply wants to keep creating things that people want to wear. She finds nothing more exhilarating than seeing someone pottering about wearing her jewellery!

From the reassurance that her very loyal followers provide, to feeling that she's making a difference in her own small way to the future of our world; Ruthie is passionate about her business and contributing to a zero-waste approach.

In her own words, Ruthie loves being part of the Eco Village as it feels like a positive move in the right direction of eco-shopping & all things green.



Things you probably didn't know about Ruthie.

  1. Ruthie trained as a Stage Manager and worked extensively in the West End before moving up to Market Harborough when pregnant with her first child. We're sure the glamour level is on par.
  2. She works as a volunteer for a ghost-hunting company, and regularly investigates heritage venues around Leicestershire! Who knew?
  3. Ruthie's second son was born in the car at the side of the A6 in Kibworth on the way to the hospital. She wasn't panicking at all about this. Oh no.


Where to find Nothing New by Ruthie Ru.

Ruthie's concession can be found in the Main Room here at the Village, just on the way through to Refill Revolution. Her display channels all the 80's vibes and features her latest hand-crafted visual merchandising. Can't miss it.

You can follow all the latest happenings on her Instagram and Facebook pages, or find out more information on her website.