Planet Picnic

Planet Picnic is our go-to for food-to-go reusables. Should you ever eat lunch, snacks or any kind of food anywhere other than your own home, then Bec has just the sandwich bags, snack pouches and cutlery wraps you need.

Want to see a greener alternative to terrible clingfilm? Want a total game-changer for picnics, work lunches and school pack-ups? Then step this way, my friends.


How, where and why did Planet Picnic begin?

A mission to reduce waste at home saw Bec start to create reusable sandwich pouches and snack bags to use whilst out with her daughter. Fed up with endless metres of clingfilm and reels of plastic sandwich bags, Bec just couldn't see the logic in planet-damaging, single-use food packaging. 

When she couldn't find the reusable option she had in mind, Bec created her own to take out instead, and so, the first Sandwich & Snack bag was born.

At the time, Bec was also job hunting. In what could be described as a eureka moment, she decided to take the plunge in combining her own low-waste journey with starting a business. And so launched Planet Picnic.



How did Planet Picnic then develop?

Knowing Planet Picnic needed to sell online to gain visibility, Bec created her website hoping to sell through there. In tandem, Beth wanted to stock her reusable bags in Refill Revolution, when they were first based at Harborough Market.

Refill Revolution became Planet Picnic's very first stockist in the same month the website launched, which filled Bec with hope for the future of her new business.

There are now 29 Planet Picnic stockists, and counting! She has also grown the range to include seven product lines in a number of different fabric options, which includes:

  • Sandwich Bags
  • Snack Bags
  • Food Wraps
  • Cutlery & Straw Pouches
  • Reusable Wipes
  • Reusable Sets
  • Reusable Food Covers

Each and every one handmade by Bec herself, in a variety of amazing printed fabrics. She's a busy gal!



Why the Eco Village?

After first hearing about the idea from Beth, Bec became really excited and knew she wanted to be a part of it! She says it sounded like the dream, and still is, apparently. Awww.

Having worked together with Charlie from The Conscious Sewist at various handmade markets and craft fairs, the two joined forces to share a space at the Village ready for opening day. Their complementary ranges of handmade, reusable food and household items, meant they could provide customers with a great cross-section of everyday products between them.

Planet Picnic is still very much part of our Main Room here at the Village (obviously!). We adore Bec's creations and very cool fabric choices!

She says it's her favourite place to shop. But we make her say that.



Sustainability factors for Planet Picnic.

There are many sustainable aspects to the products Bec creates for her business.

The bags, pouches and wipes themselves, allow a more sustainable outlook for customers consuming food. Switching to pouches that can be washed and reused for years to come, that are also made from biodegradable fabrics for when they do reach the end of their natural lifespan, is a complete no-brainer. We use a staggering 1.2 billion metres of clingfilm each year in the UK. All of which is single-use, but also creates a number of difficulties with its disposal too.

Clingfilm can only be recycled by specialist recycling plants, and only if it doesn't contain food waste contamination. Which would be pretty rare, right? So mostly, it isn't recycled, but instead left to waste away in landfills or oceans. All causing toxic harm to wildlife during the decades it takes to reduce down into smaller & smaller pieces. (It never really decomposes).

Drastically allowing a reduction in this waste, especially for such a single-use purpose, means lowering this impact on the environment. Furthermore, it saves precious resources used for its production and transportation to market, too.

In addition, Planet Picnic's products are always made from at least 50% repurposed fabrics, and in fact, two products in the range use 100% repurposed fabrics.

Bec ensures that all fabric cut-offs and scraps are reused, to again lower waste, and uses 100% renewable energy to create them too!

All packaging for her stock and online orders comes via donations from friends and family, or from recycled paper if donations are low! Planet Picnic products are all vegan-friendly too, further impacting a more sustainable future.



Future goals for Planet Picnic.

With her stockist numbers increasing each year, Bec would love to continue this trend. Particularly as the number of eco-conscious outlets, and customer awareness, increases year by year.

In tune with Charlie from The Conscious Sewist again, she would also love a small team of helpers! The time it takes to create handmade products, as well as run your own business, is never something to be underestimated. Anything to help lighten the load would be very gratefully received, we're sure!



Things you probably didn't know about Bec.

  1. Bec grew up in a family-run country hotel until she was 22, it was apparently great for hide & seek, and adventures. Which we imagine is the international code for "Always in trouble".
  2. Bec is the seventh child of a seventh child. Some people say that's lucky.
  3. She has an extra set of wisdom teeth. Told you she was lucky. And wise.
  4. Bec has drunk one pint of celery juice every morning for 18 months. Apparently, it's healthy.
  5. When Bec was about 9 she decided that there was too much litter on the land she lived on. So she gathered her two cousins, two springer spaniels and some black bin bags, setting off on a long walk filling the bags. There was no plan on how to get back home, however. Luckily her older brother came to the rescue with a van. (Hopefully, he took the rubbish too or that would have been a totally wasted adventure!).
  6. When she was little, Bec wore a yellow bucket on her head for 6 months, much to the embarrassment of her mother.


Find out more about Planet Picnic.

Planet Picnic can be found in the Main Room here at the Village, just on the shelving through to Refill Revolution, handy if you're going to fill up on some snacks.

Follow Bec on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and fabric choices, don't forget to check out Bec's Planet Picnic website to order online or find your closest stockist!