Quinn's Bookshop

The wonderful team from long-established, award-winning Quinn's Bookshop have a concession here with us at the EcoVillage, and we couldn't be more delighted that they joined us.

Those of us from Market Harborough have fond memories of perusing their shelves of wonder as kids. Filling our young, imaginative heads with the world of truth, fiction and discovery.

Do we want to help inspire both this generation and the next?

You betcha.

So let's meet team Quinn's and their inspirational reads...




How, where and why Quinn's Bookshop all began.

Quinn's Bookshop is a stalwart of Market Harborough.

A mecca for bookworms, truthseekers and escapism at the centre of the town, flagged by the infamous concrete sheep at the door! (They were stolen once by a Saturday night reveller back in the day. Caused a public outcry. But they were thankfully returned safe and well.)

This independent bookstore began back in 1981, opened by Kevin Quinn. He and his wife ran the business, growing it into the thriving business it is today, famed for beautiful books (and not just the covers, obviously) and quirky reads. 

The Quinns inspired one Harborough creative for sure, their daughter, Frances, who won The Great British Bake Off in 2013 for her imaginative designs (and talented baking, of course).

Originally located on the High Street (where RockSalt is now, fact fans). Quinn's moved to its new home tucked away in Three Crowns Yard (just off the top of the High Street), stocking a vast collection of carefully curated books, art supplies, gifts and stationery.


Why join the Eco Village?

Quinn's Bookshop opened its second site here at the EcoVillage in September 2021.

Current owner Chris, accompanied by the lovely Danny (Danielle), who looks after their social media and space with us here at the Village. Together, they have carefully curated a list of essential eco reads for us here, covering all aspects of sustainable living.

Danny declares that they wanted to join the EcoVillage due it’s a wonderful community of people. (We promise these are her own words!).

They had been approached by one of the team, who trusted Quinn's to provide customers with books exploring all manner of sustainability and eco-lifestyle topics.

Danny adds, "You can also see how much Eco Village is evolving and expanding. We think its a fabulous idea and want to be part of something we know will keep going from strength to strength."

Awwwww, you guys.  


Sustainability factors for Quinn's Bookshop.

With their space with us here at the Village, Chris and Danny would love to support customers on their sustainable journey, providing them with inspiration and knowledge in the form of books.

Whether it’s low carbon gardening, zero waste cooking, foraging, veganism, eco-conscious cleaning, or an emerging eco topic, then they’ve probably got a book on it. Or can almost certainly order one!

The Quinn's team have been incredible at seeking out new titles, under-the-radar reads and must-have insights into all aspects of sustainable living.

They are very proactive in re-using supplier packaging to reduce waste, too.

Often, the deliveries they receive are packaged in cardboard with paper stuffing. So they pass these on to their online team for P&P, saving them from going into the bin or recycling.


Future goals for Quinn's.

With their space here at the Village, Quinn's would like to expand their selection of eco and sustainability titles.

As an increasing topic of concern, they know more and more books will become available, covering all aspects of climate change and the way we live in response.

We know Quinn's will have their fingers on the pulse and continue to fill our shelves with the most beautiful and inspirational reads, both for adults and children alike. 

To enhance this further, Quinn's have been fantastic at kickstarting a growing number of 'Meet the author' book signings, events and demos here with us! We've already welcomed the wonderful Hannah Gold, Robin Ince and The Happy Pear for two highly successful booksigning events!

We can't wait for more! 

Beyond that, Quinn's would like to become an even bigger part of the Harborough community. Whether that's building better connections with schools, holding more events, or just becoming THE go-to independent bookstore, locally!


Things you probably didn't know about Quinn's.

  1. Danny has worked in an eclectic number of workplaces, such as the Co-op and a car repair garage (she was in accounts, not a panel beater!).
  2. Always the bookworm, she used to be at Waterstones and Borders but loves working in an indie bookshop where she can help select books they'll stock, knowing their customers will love them.
  3. At Quinn's, Gill tends to look after their cards, art materials and also has input in book ordering. Her forte is crime, biography, nature and art. Danny loves general fiction, sci-fi and children’s books, and owner Chris loves anything to do with trains, geography and travel writing. So between them they pretty much have the genres covered! Handy. 


Discover more about Quinn's Bookshop.

Here at the Village, the shelves of wonder can be found in the Main Room, nestled directly next to The Stationery Cupboard.

To find out more about Quinn's story, you can visit their website, or follow the latest must-reads and inspiration on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.