Rose & Relish

Rose & Relish is a beautiful section of the Eco Village, filled with the most incredible relishes, chutneys and preserves for the ultimate snack or lunchtime delight. Handmade by owner, Tess, using produce she has grown at her allotment.

This small business is everything we need to know and understand about sustainable living and utilising seasonal abundance. With sourdough crackers to complete. What a dream.




A little introduction to Rose & Relish.

After volunteering on Organic farms and gardens in Italy and France, Tess became increasingly interested in regenerative growing and food sustainability. Educating herself on organic and sustainable growing methods, she began work as a gardener full-time to fuel her passion.

Prior to starting Rose & Relish, Tess had been working in horticulture and growing produce on her allotment for several years. After a stint as a production gardener at SOHO Farmhouse and supplying vegetables to the restaurants on-site, last year she took over as lead gardener at Ryton Organic Gardens in Coventry, where she is still currently based. 

With an abundance of veg from the allotment, and occasionally even more excess from work, Tess began to source the majority of her food from the ground rather than the supermarket. Something very true to our roots here at the Eco Village.

By learning to create almost everything from scratch, her passion for growing and cooking grew tremendously, she felt everyone should have the option of enjoying healthy, tasty, sustainable food.

Tess now uses traditional preserving and fermentation techniques to create unique and delicious preserves, for those who care about flavour and love to try something new. 



The beginnings of Rose & Relish.

Tess decided to start Rose & Relish, as a way for herself and her partner to stop being wasteful with any abundance of veg they had grown. It was also a fantastic way to offer something new to the community. As a vegan, she wanted to create products that were available to all diets, packed full of fermentation benefits but without lacking flavour. 

She is incredibly passionate about food growing, so seasonal food is a huge part of her motivation. It's a reminder about preserving food in a natural way and guides her decisions. It's also a promise to consumers that they are getting food as and when nature intended. 

Keen to do more, in 2020 Tess ordered some bottles and jars, her partner designed some labels and they made a website. Getting started was as simple as that!


Why join the Eco Village?

Tess states that Eco Village is a super helpful and friendly community, one that's full of other like-minded independents. Seeing these other small businesses, with a similar ethos to her own, helped give Tess the inspiration to pursue Rose & Relish, as she felt it was a place her food would really fit in. (And she would be right, we're all OBSESSED with the Kombucha Kimchi!).

The Eco Village has enabled Tess to make conscious shopping choices as a consumer, and she says, upped her sustainability game in her daily life. As well as being a one-stop shop for finding other great small business owners to discuss ideas and inspiration with.

Not only is the Eco Village fairly local to her, but Tess also says it's an excellent place to expose her products to consumers seeking sustainable options by sourcing their food locally.



Sustainability steps for Rose & Relish.

By its very definition, Rose & Relish is sustainability in a nutshell. Or jam jar, at least. 

Tess' vision is to supply healthy, sustainable food to local people and by aiming to sell her products within a 30-mile radius of their base in Hinckley, they are reducing the distance of field to fork. Or allotment to table, at least!

Tess also grows organically and seasonally, so there are no pesticides, grow lights or hydroponics involved in the process. For ingredients not yet possible to grow, she uses suppliers that meet their standards, and are now using completely recyclable materials in their packaging, too.


Any future improvements for Rose & Relish?

Just recently, Rose & Relish have updated their labels to be more efficient, sustainable and consumer-friendly. You can check those out on Instagram, and here at the Eco Village too! 

Elsewhere, Rose & Relish would like to look at their website in 2021. They feel it's simple and functional, but say it would be nice to have a more fun and approachable web presence, and they'll then start making plans towards their future goals.



Future goals for Rose & Relish.

Since starting last year, despite COVID and working full-time, they've had a lot of really great feedback! The website and packaging have already been adapted and they are getting a good idea of what people are particularly interested in.

Long term, Tess intends to connect people with the land and their food in a way that is healthy and sustainable. They are also considering their options on a larger scale, such as a CSA farm and veg-box scheme. However, for the immediate future, Rose & Relish would love to increase their exposure, adapt products to meet the needs of their customers, and keep on experimenting with fresh ideas!

Keep them coming, please!



Things you probably didn't know about Tess...

  1. Tess is currently learning to become a Strala Yoga teacher! *Googles Strala Yoga*
  2. They have a beautiful, but slightly crazy, Egyptian Mau cat, called Sukha.
  3. Tess is the world record breaker for the most amount of burpees in a minute. Pending qualification! Bagsie not training next to her in a HIIT class. Ever.


Discover more about Rose & Relish.

You can find the very tasty jars of Carrot Kraut, Spicy Sriracha, and Rainbow Chard Pickle in the Main Room here at the Eco Village, just on the way through to Refill.

As the seasons change there is always something new to try throughout the year, but with a good few core staples all year round. Did we even mention the Kombucha Kimchi?!

You can follow Rose & Relish on Instagram and check out their range online first - happy eating!