Tinker and Fix

Tinker and Fix are the epitome of cool. They have an eye for beautiful design, effortless functionality, combined with a premium quality and repair ethos, proving that all good things can last a lifetime.




How, where and why Tinker and Fix all started.

Tinker and Fix is a labour of love for husband and wife team Edd and Louise, who live in Rutland. Since they started the business back in June 2018, they’ve been busy sourcing, testing and selling the highest quality tools and kit for people who like to make, mend and grow.

Edd’s fixated on finding tools that work well, don’t break and can be kept for life. Louise, on the other hand, is fixated with creating a treasure trove of gifts – having spent the last 20+ years trying to buy Edd really lovely and great functioning presents!


Why trade at the Eco Village?

Tinker and Fix jumped at the chance of joining the Eco Village when it first opened because they want to encourage people to reduce waste by repairing things, as well as ‘buying once, buying well’ with quality tools that can be maintained for life, not discarded.

Edd and Louise have been with us since the beginning, and are an important part of our community here at the Village. Not least, because they kindly donated the Eco Village toolbox when we opened, and Beth L loves nothing better than walloping things with a hammer. (Even if they don't really need it).




How Tinker and Fix offer a more sustainable shopping choice.

They have the highest quality gardening tools from Sneeboer and Niwaki, beautiful and functional Japanese toolboxes, the perfect sewing scissors from Whiteley’s, and the only spanners still made in England. 

There are overalls and aprons too, as well as a selection of penknives, or even a kit for you to assemble and make your own Japanese pen knife! They also have some of their own items including the brilliant Frank Tool Roll and hand-painted hammers, axes and the much-loved Hori Hori’s.

All of these items are made for life, and in turn, become part of the family when hopefully we can return to a passed-down-through-the-generations type ethos, rather than the more disposable ways of recent years.



Continuous improvements for Tinker and Fix.

Edd and Louise try to keep their packaging to a minimum, definitely adopting the less is more approach, and all of their boxes and tape are as eco-friendly as possible. Bit by bit, just by being a part of the Eco Village community, they are now continually adapting and making small changes to what and how they buy personally. 

Their journey will, however, always involve a Landrover rather than an electric car. Mostly as this can always be maintained, and anything electrical scares Edd when he’s fixing it. Better the devil you know on this occasion we think!


Future goals for Tinker and Fix.

A dab-hand at masterclasses and video tutorials, Louise and Edd are a little coy about future plans, however, we can totally see them being our educational guru's here at the Village.

They'd NEVER go for it, but their limitless product knowledge, and natural ease on camera, makes them our future Eco Village YouTube stars. (Just don't tell them our plans. Thanks.)



Three things you probably didn't know about Tinker and Fix.

  1. Louise owns the front half of a snowmobile in Canada .... speed is not always your friend when it comes to trees.

  2. Edd is fairly “Straight Edge” and listens to Hardcore Punk to relax, but his favourite film is Pitch Perfect... And the less said about that the better we think.

  3. Louise’s is Commando (yes – the 1985 classic with Arnold Schwarzenegger.)


How to find Tinker and Fix.

A selection of the Tinker and Fix range can be seen at the Eco Village – but there are even more items available on their website, so Click and Collect from the Village is possible too. They also run special days at the Eco Village where they’ll be on-hand to talk tools and help customers to pick out their perfect gifts!

You'll find them located in our Main Room here at the Eco Village, straight ahead as you enter the door, can't miss 'em.

You can also follow their story (and watch their amazing videos) on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter too! Occasionally.