Unfiltered Vegan

Unfiltered Vegan are one of the latest Villagers to join us, bringing with them their high quality, naturally-created superfood powders and vegan superfood blends. Owners Rob and Georgiana believe happiness starts from the inside out, and by fueling your body with the best nutrition it can have, then anything is possible!

It's time to grab your overnight oats and learn more about the Unfiltered Vegan way of life...


An introduction to Unfiltered Vegan.

After enjoying the new-found energy that a recent transformation to a vegan diet gave to co-founder Georgiana; she and her partner, Rob, started Unfiltered Vegan to share their love of good nutrition and the many health benefits that ensue. 

They began with a single goal in mind, to help people transition to a healthier lifestyle and discover the amazing health benefits nature has to offer.

After losing touch with a nutrition-led lifestyle whilst studying, Georgiana instead found herself living a life full of fast food, alcohol and coffee. (We've all been there, right?!). But found she often felt lacking in energy and motivation.

Inspired by memories of her childhood, Georgiana was raised on a diet full of homegrown fruit and veg. She used to forage for sea buckthorn, rosehip, and other medicinal plants with her grandparents, and remembered how the natural and organic produce would help to keep them healthy.

Rekindling a passion for nature's provisions, Georgiana and Rob wanted to reinvigorate a philosophy often lost in today's busy world, and to readdress the balance between artificial substitutes and supplements, with natural vitamins and minerals.

During the first lockdown in 2020, the two were looking to purchase sea buckthorn powder themselves, to help build their immune systems, but soon identified this wasn't readily available in the UK. The products they could find were low quality and not organic, which seemed counterproductive in their eyes!

Rob and Georgiana also discovered that other supplements and superfood powders they had recently included in their diet, such as Camu Camu powder, were also not aligned to their sustainability, high quality, organic and eco-friendly values.

So they set about making it their mission to source responsible producers instead, ones completely aligned with their beliefs. In doing so, they started Unfiltered Vegan in order to provide these products to the UK market too. The two now stock a whole range of high quality, organic and natural superfood powders and blends, including -

  • Sea Buckthorn Powder
  • Camu Camu Powder
  • Guarana Powder
  • Baobab Powder
  • Maca Powder
  • Positivity Blend
  • Performance Blend

And we're very glad that they do!


Why join the Eco Village?

Georgiana and Rob discovered the Eco Village by chance when scrolling through Instagram, which is how we all discover 99% of everything now!

After a flurry of emails back and forth, and a visit to check it out, the two felt it would be the right home for their new business.

By stocking their range of products at the Eco Village, they feel the shared ethos is a perfect match. With a focus on sustainability and being eco-conscious, Georgiana and Rob say it's also a great opportunity to engage with like-minded people and share ideas.

It's this sense of community, both within the businesses owners present, and customers alike, that we really wanted to harness here at the Village. So it's lovely to know this is happening, despite all the odds in the last year!


What are the sustainability steps for Unfiltered Vegan?

Georgiana and Rob are deeply passionate about sustainability issues, which, in fact, are at the heart of their business.

Centrally, from locally-supported farms from which the fruits and roots are grown. It is crucial to the pair to work with producers of responsibly and sustainably produced ingredients, in harmony with the natural world.

Unfiltered Vegan prefer to use recycled and recyclable packaging for storing their products, continued through the paperless and environmentally aware way in which they operate behind the scenes too.


Improvements made by Unfiltered Vegan so far.

Despite being established only a year ago, from the outset, Rob and Georgiana's aim was to be as sustainable as possible. Working harmoniously with the naturally-produced ingredients they use, and supporting a positive impact. 

This is something at the forefront of their vision, and the two plan to continually assess the impact their business has, moving forward.

In the very near future, they will be partnering with the World Land Trust to contribute towards worthwhile environmental projects around the world. We can't wait to see what they take part in!


Future goals for Unfiltered Vegan.

Being a start-up, the focus is very much further establishing their business, and the two have already achieved so much despite it being very early days! They would naturally like to grow the business over the next year or two, and share the benefits of superfoods throughout the UK.

We're delighted to be a part of their journey so far, and can't wait to see what they do next!


Things you probably didn't know about Georgiana and Rob...

  1. In true self-starter mode, they have completed every part of the business themselves - from the logo & label designs, to the website, to the imports, all the legal stuff, and to all the organic certification. We're not sure they've slept in a year but they've absolutely loved it, and will continue to be self-sufficient for as long as they can!
  2. They have also completed their Lockdown Bingo - by buying a house, starting a business, getting engaged and getting a dog! These superfood powders really do give you good energy!


Discover more about Unfiltered Vegan.

Want to know more? Sure. You can find Unfiltered Vegan in the Main Room here at the Village, just on the shelving through to Refill. Rob and Georgiana are often here with us on a Saturday to chat about their products, often with tasters too! Which we like, a lot.

For further information about the brand and products, you can visit their website, or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.