Veg An Love

Louis is all about good food. Good vegan food, no less. With a passion for sustainable comfort food, Veg An Love is all about home-cooked goodness in a convenient way.

His delicious range of mash-topped pies are the dream for plant-based cuisine, find out more about his journey.



How, where and why Veg An Love all began.

Working a regular nine to five just didn't make Louis happy. Desperate to spend more time with his children and create something to make them proud, he started his vegan food business as a way of combining all the things that were important to him.

Together with his family at their home in Leicester, they worked on a brand name they all loved. Veg An Love was born, and so began Louis' journey into small business life, ditching the nine to five for good.

Crafting his menu of homemade vegan pies, Louis started selling at a few weekend fairs and food markets. The response was incredible and demand was high! Continuous requests by customers for outlets meant that soon enough, Louis began to consider permanent stockists for his delicious pies.

Sure enough, sometimes life takes you on a journey you were destined to take! During the first lockdown in 2020, Ruth from Currant Affairs in Leicester sought out Louis and his wholesome food, wanting to stock Veg An Love pies in her specialist vegan shop.

Louis now has a range of six pies available -

  • All Day Breakfast Pie - vegan sausage, beans, mushrooms, hash browns and tofu scrambled eggs.
  • Vish Pie - organic tofu pieces with a nori sheet and creamy leek sauce.
  • Veg An Love Pie - broccoli, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower in a spicy cheese sauce.
  • Shepherd-less Pie - Soya mince with carrots, peas and a secret recipe gravy.
  • Sunday Roast Pie - vegan roast chicken, maple-glazed parsnips & carrots, stuffing, and steamed vegetables with a mint sauce gravy.
  • Mushroom Lover Pie - oyster, chestnut and baby button mushrooms in red onion and stout gravy.

All topped with red skin and sweet potato mash - yum!

As a nutritious, home-cooked alternative to regular ready meals, Veg An Love are now stocked in a number of specialist independent shops and businesses across the country!



Why the Eco Village?

In his own wise words - the Eco Village was a no brainer! With a drive for sustainable food shopping, and a growing collection of vegan businesses within, Louis thought it would be the perfect outlet for his recent venture.

Louis and his family were drawn to the Village and adjoining customer & business community. Enthralled by the sustainability values, in keeping with his own for Veg An Love, Louis believes the Eco Village is the future of retail.

Awwwww, thanks.



Sustainability factors and continuous improvements for Veg An Love.

With a busy, working family life; Louis loved the convenience of a ready meal but could never find one that matched their ethics.

Following vegan principles that lend themselves to sustainable production, Louis has also been committed to plastic-free packaging from the beginning, his biggest bug-bare with most convenience food.

As we know from so many of our Villagers, packaging is a notoriously difficult area to manage when it comes to truly sustainable practices.

Ready meals generally amass single-use waste, however, this is something Louis would love to make improvements with moving forward. Finding something that balances low-waste, sustainable production values, being fit for purpose, at an affordable cost to the consumer isn't easy, but something Veg An Love are constantly striving for.

With many of these things, it's often the smaller steps that take us on a bigger journey. So even Louis changing the printer they use for packaging is yet another improvement in the right direction. With many more planned for the future, too.



Future goals for Veg An Love.

Don't let Louis' casual demeanour fool you, this man has drive and ambition in abundance! Rapidly outgrowing his family kitchen for production, he is currently on the lookout for new premises to cook from. Somewhere allowing room for a packing station, office and dispatch area would be pretty handy we should imagine, too!

Louis would love to see Veg An Love continue to grow, being stocked by independent vegan shops up and down the country.

We'd love to see that too! (He definitely needs a bigger kitchen.)



Things you probably didn't know about Louis.

  1. Louis is colour blind. Something his kids find utterly hilarious.
  2. He used to be a DJ in his teens. We're not sure if that was just at home in his bedroom, or in front of a real-life audience. We've yet to find out.
  3. Louis comes from a family of singers and actors. We also need to find out if any of these talents have been passed on to our Louis....
  4. Speaking of which, his Dad has acted on a number of TV shows, including Outside Edge in the mid-'90s. If you can remember that far back. We can't. No siree.


Discover more about Veg An Love...

The delicious Veg An Love pies can be located in the Main Room here at the Eco Village. In a freezer right next to Mistry Kitchen, which makes deciding what's for dinner that night *quite* the task.

Follow Veg An Love on Facebook and Instagram, and keep an eye out for their website launching very soon!