Windowsill Plants

Windowsill Plants are our in-house urban jungle. Owned by Susie, she may, or may not, let you home with the houseplant of your dreams, she cares about those green-leaved babies and will never knowingly let them be taken away to certain death!

Whether you're looking for a cactus, a beautiful Prayer Plant, a cool Monstera, or the latest Insta must-have house plant, then Susie has you covered with the high quality, responsibly sourced plant of your dreams.




An introduction to Windowsill Plants.

A relatively new business, Susie took a break from her career in early 2019 and was looking for a new direction. A seemingly unrelated shopping trip to buy a Swiss Cheese Plant sparked a whole new venture for Susie.

Extremely disappointed by the sad selection available from large DIY stores, supermarkets, and even garden centres; Susie knew more could be done.

She had a vision to stock high-quality plants that were inspiring and unusual. Plants that really sparked people's imaginations, along with the opportunity to talk about each plant's merits and care requirements.

The discussion with customers is extremely important to Susie (you'll know this if you've been!) and was at the heart of what she wanted her business to offer. Empowering customers to make the right choice for their home, lifestyle, and personality means they will love the plant as much as Susie does. Hopefully.

And so, the start of Windowsill Plants began to take root....




Why the Eco Village.

Beginning life at Harborough Indoor Market, Susie had already formed a great bond with The Beth's and the Refill Revolution team also based there.

Excited and inspired by their vision for the Eco Village and the chance to be part of a sustainability movement. It seemed a great fit for such a natural product line and meant Susie was an instrumental part of the original lineup for the Village.

She also didn't have very much say in the matter. Beth L is a force to be reckoned with! (Again, if you know, you know.)


Sustainability factors for Windowsill Plants.

Whilst houseplants themselves are not an essential part of becoming more sustainable, they do reflect the processes behind caring for our natural world, as well as adding an important well-being dimension.

Susie is extremely careful with her supply base, only ordering from suppliers using certified sustainable soil, energy, and water usage. Ethically, workers rights are important to Susie, and she ensures that these are recognised by her supply base too.

Having beautiful houseplants all around our Village also helps to create the inviting atmosphere we were hoping for. We're all a little bit obsessed, with varying degrees of survival success once we get them home, it has to be said.



Continuous improvements for Windowsill Plants.

In a word, plastic.

Susie is very conscious of the excessive volume of plastic waste in the houseplant industry, particularly surrounding delivery processes. She continues to talk to her suppliers about this to champion change, but it is proving to be a slow process.

When adding new products to the Windowsill range Susie is acutely aware of sustainability concerns. When researching companies for her new range of watering cans and spritzers she was delighted to discover a company based in the West Midlands.

The metal water vehicles are a great alternative to the usual plastic offer and are produced at their factory in nearby Birmingham. Susie found the company following a recommendation from Tinker & Fix, which highlights the collaborative effort here at the Village!


plants-from windowsill-at-ecovillage-leicestershire


Future plans for Windowsill Plants.

Having managed to achieve everything she set out to do - offer beautiful houseplants in an accessible and friendly setting - Susie is really happy with where the business is at after only 18 months of trading.

The hub of small businesses within the Village allows newer businesses like Windowsill to share ideas and strategies with more experienced traders, something Susie is very thankful for. In her own words, Susie reflects that lockdown was a valuable lesson in not taking things for granted, being resilient is the way ahead!




Things you probably didn't know about Susie...

  1. She used to be a Russian cosmonaut. Make of that what you will.
  2. When she's allowed out of the Main Room (she's not), you can find Susie swimming in lakes and lochs. Even if it's bloody freezing.
  3. She once recognised a fellow outdoor swimmer here at the Village by his t-shirt and called him a VERY rude name. Thankfully he understood the reference and didn't wallop her with a Prayer Plant.


How to find Windowsill Plants.

Need a new life-changing plant? We understand. You can't miss Windowsill who take centre stage within the Main Room here at the Village, with a range of succulents and hot-blooded plants basking in the conservatory too. (Okay, conservatory is stretching it, warm and sunny sticking out bit is more accurate).

Susie will be nearby, misting the leaves and chatting to the cheese plant. You'll spot her easily.

You can also visit Windowsill's website for more information, follow them on Instagram for all the details on their newest plants and latest YouTube videos too!