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The Eco Village in Market Harborough is the new way to make your home sustainable and beautiful. Allowing you to make lifestyle choices that help secure the future of our planet for the next generation, and beyond.


Sustainable homeware.

Life begins at home. Making every day, eco choices that fit into a busy, modern lifestyle isn't always easy. However, our collection of small businesses help to bring straightforward swaps that allow you to live more sustainably.

The Just Shop does just that. With a focus on Fair Trade and ethically sourced products that make your home look beautiful together with eco principles. Shop for homeware with heart, with products that are a world away from mass-produced and can help enrich the lives of other cultures, as well as our own. 

We also have The Stationery Cupboard, stocking beautiful everyday home & work items such as pencils, magazines, hand-crafted pots, craft supplies, and greetings cards. All plastic-free and with purpose. The magazines especially are both thought-provoking and beautifully designed. We adore.


Reusable everyday items.

Moving away from single-use plastics and disposable everyday household essentials means taking a huge step away from our comfort zones. What, no bleach? No cling-film? No disposable bum wipes?! Whatever next.

But when we stop to really think about those very things, and the lifespan of those products (approximately 3 seconds a wipe?!), the more we start to realise this isn't the solution.

Luckily, we have The Conscious Sewist and Planet Picnic to help out. They each create alternatives to disposable items such as kitchen roll, crisp packets, makeup wipes, and our old arch-enemy... clingfilm.

Sewing and creating their reusable alternatives by hand, using repurposed or sustainable fabrics, these two are a dab hand at whipping up a reusable!



Making our homes more inviting automatically improves our general well-being and happiness, it's important to love the space we're in. (Especially now we're all WFH for the long-term, right?).

Our green-fingered experts are here to help with just that. Windowsill Plants and The Flower Bar source houseplants, flowers, and some outdoor plants, that are responsibly sourced and absolutely beautiful. And locally grown in some instances too!

If you have a tiny windowsill, a tabletop, or a huge hallway that needs to bring the natural world in, then our resident florist and houseplant shop can help! From the most beautiful British blooms, through to a tropical & showy Monstera; then we've got you covered.

Packaged with reusable or sustainable materials, and plenty of expert advice to see you on your way too! Winner.


Clothing, fashion & beauty.

Not industries that leap to the forefront of your mind when it comes to eco-living!

However, we have a growing team of entrepreneurs that can help shine a light on buying preloved kids clothes, upcycled fashion accessories, or showing us incredible new brands who are leading the way for a visionary beauty revolution.

Slow-fashion, rethinking cosmetics, and reusing old to create something new is the future. Luckily, we have shops such as Woad Natural Beauty, Bud & Bean Preloved, and Nothing New by Ruthie Ru who all have a real passion for rethinking our current lifestyle habits.


Repair ethos.

If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Or rather, look after it so it doesn't!

Edd and Louise from Tinker and Fix believe that if something can be made, then it can also be repaired. And we wholeheartedly agree with this methodology!

Our disposable lifestyles mean tonnes of broken household objects are thrown away each year here in the UK, and beyond. Tinker and Fix stock beautiful tools made for life, and care products to help keep them as good as new. Which in turn allow us to fix and repair other household objects also.

Shop for tools, tool kits, workwear and care products to help keep your home and gardening as good in tip-top shape.



Little ones are often the most passionate about climate change issues, and yet it's us that has done the damage!

We can help support their vision, and future, with sustainable gifts, craft supplies, magazines, and preloved clothing.

Our in-house small businesses such as The Stationery Cupboard, and Bud & Bean Preloved, allow our children to shop more sustainably, and we for them, too.

Think refillable paint palettes, books and games, empowering magazines (free-from plastic giveaway toys, of course), and secondhand clothing to help support eco choices for the future of our children, in the best possible way.


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