Community Fridge

Market Harborough's Community Fridge can be found at The Village. Please use it and please donate to it. ⁠The Community Fridge can be accessed 9am - 4pm Tuesday to Saturday and until 8pm on Thursdays. ⁠You'll find it in the building on the right as you walk into The Village. 

People are living in food poverty and so we want to make sure that if anyone comes to us that they'll find some food in the fridge to take home at no cost. Food waste is also a huge problem so if you have something that won't be eaten before it is out of date please pop it to us rather than putting it in the bin.

Please bring in your donations of sealed packaged food that is in date. We'd love to receive cheese, ham, fresh fruit and vegetables, ready meals, packaged refrigerated meals (eg. chicken kievs, fish cakes), table sauces, pastry, unopened pasteurised milk and yoghurt, unopened fruit juices, salad, and eggs that have a traceable Lion stamp, clean shells and are in date. It doesn't matter if the items are in plastic. The aim here is stop food being thrown away. ⁠

Please also bring in your excess produce from your allotment or vegetable patch, or grow a little extra for the community. This would be so appreciated. 

We cannot accept cooked food made at your home, beansprouts, cooked rice, raw milk cheeses, pate and unpasteurised milk or any items that may contain these ingredients. Unlabelled multiple ingredient items are also unsuitable. ⁠

Please pop your items in to us and find a volunteer so they can be checked in. 

If you are taking items from the fridge please help yourself and there's no form to complete.  ⁠

Please do use it, donate your unwanted food and spread the word.

We also need your support to run the Community Fridge. If you can please donate to help with the running costs at our Go Fund Me page. Thank you so much. 

Community fridge containing fruit and milk