Within our Eco Village, we have a thriving collection of ambient food businesses, each intent on providing you with the finest store-cupboard ingredients and local delicacies.

Shopping sustainably is made easy with our wide collection of foodie micro-businesses. Living off the land and working with nature to provide means a return to the glory days of sustainable living. Where we grow our own fruit and vegetables, kept chickens, and made our own jams & preserves to keep the pantry full through winter?

Not got time for that? We hear you.

Then fear not. Our in-house selection of food business can do just that on your behalf. (Well, they won't keep chickens for you, but you catch our drift).


Store-cupboard Essentials.

Shop in our flagship zero-waste store, Refill Revolution for all your dry food ingredients to keep that pantry brimming with opportunity. With an ever-growing range and lots of new products arriving each week, Refill is your go-to for an easy & sustainable weekly shop.

Choose from a range of pasta and rice options, to noodles, to herbs, spices and ingredients allowing you to create an array of dinners and family meals from scratch. Alongside this are snacks a-plenty, with a huge choice of nuts, oats, beans, seeds chocolate and vegan sweets; as well as officially the best crisp in the history of the world. True story.

Many of Refill Revolution's lines are organic, plenty are vegan, and all are sourced from ethical suppliers, local wherever possible, with sustainable practices and solutions!


More ambient food ranges.

To support our sustainable product offering, you can also shop with our growing community of food producers and makers.

Shop for local raw honey produced by The Bearded Beekeeper in Northamptonshire; homemade jams, chutneys, preserves and spicy sauces from Rose & Relish, and beautiful wine, beer & spirits from local Market Harborough Wine Merchants, Duncan Murray Wines.

One of the more recent Villagers is Unfiltered Vegan, who have joined us with their incredible collection of organic superfood powders and blends. Perfect for topping up your breakfast, smoothies and juices with some natural goodness!

We also have an in-house range of ambient tinned, jarred and bottle goods including store-cupboard options such as soup, syrup, tinned essentials and canned goods.

Wherever possible, we want to offer an alternative to supermarket shopping. With products that are vegan, organic, and contain natural ingredients wherever possible too. Food that is full of nutrition and flavour, without harmful ingredients, that is packed responsibly, without any plastic or materials that are damaging to the planet.

So visit our Main Room and EcoFresh building to discover a world of new opportunities for shopping in a safe, responsible and environmentally-friendly way.


Shop our Pantry.