Wild & Furrow

Wild & Furrow are our very own local, plant-based, oaty drink producers.

By drawing on expertise from their family farming heritage, the new generation have spotted a gap in the market and are using it to help create a more sustainable future.

We love all that they stand for, AND their delicious oat milk.

So let's get to know all things Wild & Furrow... 




How it all began.

Wild & Furrow is a family business run by three siblings, Hannah, Angus and Miles. They are based on their farm just outside Market Harborough which their family has been farming for over 80 years.

Miles, having worked in the coffee industry, noticed a rising trend of dairy-free milk and the potential benefits, not just for health but also for the environment.

It quickly became apparent that oat drinks were the rising star! 

The family were already growing oats on the farm. So after lots of research, and taking a huge leap of faith, Miles left the coffee industry and Wild & Furrow began.

Wild & Furrow is a fresh oat drink, that comes in a 750ml glass bottle.

It is a fresh, barista-quality product. The team carefully pasteurize at lower temperatures than brand-leading versions, to retain its natural nutrients and a creamier oatier taste.

Once tried, you'll never look back!


Why the Eco Village?

The trio declare that they love everything that the Village stands for, with it being a CIC (Community Interest Company) and, of course, the sustainability factor. (Sounds like the X Factor, but really isn't.)
Once they came for a look around, and we had a sample of the most delicious oat milk we've ever tried, we knew the perfect fridge for them was in our EcoFresh shop.
It was quite a moment.
And the rest is oaty-history. 


Sustainability factors for Wild & Furrow.

In the wise words of Wild & Furrow - "Sustainability is very important to us as it should be to any business!"

The team are very proud to use their glass bottle system.

For them, it means they can re-use them again and again, and then repurpose them at the end of their natural use.

They also believe that it makes the oat drink taste better, too! (As do we, it's true.)

Future goals for Wild & Furrow.

For such a new business, Wild & Furrow are delighted with how far they've come already, which is very far in a very short time!

They've flourished in the recognition from stockists and with the wonderful feedback they have had from customers.

Looking ahead, their future goals are to develop other delicious products using their oat drink ...so far milkshakes and ice creams are proving to have some great potential!


Things you probably didn't know about Wild & Furrow...

  1. Oats were one of the earliest cereals to be cultivated. Truly.
  2. Oats will help keep your cholesterol in check.
  3. Ancient Greeks were the first people to have made a recognisable porridge. Sorry, Mr Quaker. 


Discover more about Wild & Furrow...

Based in the EcoFresh fridge here at the Village, Wild & Furrow can be found alongside all of our fresh produce. 

Their oat milk is available Tuesday to Saturday, including our late-night Thursdays. Then just pop back your empty bottles once you've finished!

And when you've had Wild & Furrow oat milk in your coffee, there is no going back. Truly.

You can follow Wild & Furrow on Instagram, or check out more information online.